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While all tools have their place, there are a few tools that every professional workshop should have to ensure that they’re prepared for anything. These hot-forged, precision-crafted hand tools and assortments are our must-haves, and are all guaranteed to deliver a lifetime of superior performance!


The Dremaster

This robust torque wrench has a square drive and an integrated ratchet-head function for controlled bi-directional tightening. An interchangeable mushroom head with push-button release prevents unintentional pulling out of the whole square derive when changing the socket.

 Classified to DIN EN ISO6789:2003, the Dremaster has an impression permitted deviation of just +/- 3%, and actuates with a clear tactile impulse and audible signal. A dual scale with main and alternate units in Nm and lbf-ft only shows one unit at a time to avoid reading errors, and a locking button enables reliable locking of the torque setting.

 The robust steel tube is chrome-plated and satin powder-coated for extra protection, and the black handgrip has a new ergonomically-enhanced shape with user aid and reference points for calibration. Safety and quality are ensured through testing at our in-house DAkkS laboratory.


Socket Sets

Your workshop isn’t complete without a set of high-quality sockets, and GEDORE has you covered with a wide range of socket sets in both metric and imperial sizes.

 A key feature of GEDORE’s sockets is the use of chrome vanadium steel in a cold-forging process. This allows the grains to follow the shape of the forging die, maintaining an unbroken grain structure throughout for unrivalled toughness and elasticity, giving our sockets a superior strength to weight ratio.


The 1B Spanner

Our 1B Spanner has been refined over the last century to become a precisely-refined and accurate hand tool. This strong all-rounder incorporates a Uni-drive profile from 6mm upwards with a wave form that allows the spanner to hold in all situations, even when the bolt dimensions are outside the tolerance range. The wave form notably increases the contact surface between spanner and bolt head, delivering an even distribution of contact pressure for the application of higher torque.

The jaw of each spanner has been precisely ground to exact nominal size to ensure optimal contact areas, and a slim-ribbed open end gives added strength to guarantee maximum torque. The entire spanner is hot-forged from vanadium steel 31CrV3, and chrome-plated for a matt look.

Our 1B Spanner Sets are available in imperial and metric sizes, from 5mm to 80mm and from ¼” to 2.7/16”.


Power Combination Pliers

Specifically-designed for heavy continuous use, the 8250 Power Combination Pliers deliver increased cutting and gripping force with up to 35% less effort. Inductively hardened cutting edges ensure constant cutting power over a long period of time, allowing you to cut all wire types including piano wire.

 The roughly-toothed gripping surface is file-cut for a particularly effective grip, while the 2-component handles with finger protection allow you to work ergonomically and without fatigue. To guarantee a lifetime of exceptional performance, the Power Combination Pliers are made from special hardened and tempered steel, drop-forged, oil-hardened and annealed.


The 3C Screwdriver

This reliable all-rounder has been carefully designed to deliver perfect power transmission for work on all materials. An ergonomic grip design enables optimum power transfer, allowing maximum force with minimum effort, and the handle is suitable for both left- and right-handers.

 A soft fast-turning zone with a hard power point gets the power there quickly, while ensuring that your forefinger reliably guides the blade. A full-length blade transfers 100% of impact force onto the blade tip when knocking the striking cap, easily allowing you to loosen seize screws.

 The blade is fully tempered for a lifetime of service, and is made from vanadium molybdenum plus tempered steel for hardness, elasticity and durability.

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