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While some people think a tool is just a tool, professionals and artisans alike know that the quality of your hand tools makes a big difference to your work. Poor quality tools can leave you at risk of delays, injuries and imperfections, and investing in decent tools is crucial for anyone who works with them every day.


When it comes to weighing up the pros and cons of investing in a better-quality tool, many people think they’re saving money by purchasing cheap knock-offs. However, these are all but certain to break – and often at the most frustrating moment. This means that not only do you have to purchase a new replacement, you’ll have to put your project on hold while you go find one.

High-quality tools such as those made by GEDORE are guaranteed to deliver a lifetime of dependable performance, so when you purchase one of our tools, you never have to worry about it breaking or performing under par.


Another downside of cheaper tools is the lack of precision and reliability. When you’re working on a project, you need to know that all your tools are delivering precise performance, every time – otherwise, you risk your whole project falling apart. GEDORE’s high-quality hand tools always meet and often exceed international standards and tolerances, giving you peace of mind that your tool is doing exactly what you need it to do.


If a tool breaks or lets you down at a crucial moment, you may risk unnecessary injuries. From tools that slip at the wrong moment, to blades that snap and cause lacerations, low-quality tools present a much higher danger than those of a better calibre.

Ergonomics is also something to consider, as high-quality hand tools are usually designed to be operated comfortably and with as little effort as possible. If you’re working with your hands all day, this is a massive bonus, reducing the risk of aches, pains, fatigue and musculoskeletal injuries.

At GEDORE, we have spent over a century perfecting each of our superior hand tools – and we’re so confident in their long-lasting performance, every GEDORE tool is guaranteed for life.

So, when it comes to choosing the right-hand tools for you, choose GEDORE for the ultimate in quality, precision and lifelong durability.

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